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The Sydney International Festival of Films by Children is the largest festival of child-produced films in Australia and is part of an international network of similar Festivals. SIFFC first screened in 2012. We are proud members of the European Children's Film Association. 


Entries are currently being accepting for screening in 2020. There are no screenings scheduled for 2019 as the year is being spent developing our exisiting Festival model to better meet the needs of young filmmakers in Australia and around the world.

The Festival exists to give Australian children under 13 years the opportunity to screen their films in an international context alongside their peers from all over the world. Children experience the way cinema audiences respond to their work, receive feedback from professional filmmakers, network with their peers and extend their skills.

The Festival Program comprises carefully curated programs of 50 minutes duration. Programs may vary from site to site as the festival is tailored to each community in which it screens. All films are made by people under 13 years of age and include films from Australia, Europe, the Americas, the Pacific and Asia. 

Young filmmakers grow their skills and network by participating in the workshops and events around the Festival screenings. There are opportunities to meet other young filmmakers, receive feedback from professional filmmakers and extend existing skills or learn new ones.