A photo of Jacqueline Cosgrove.
'The Bardic Studio' in black and grey sit below an image of multicoloured film sprockets.

Jacqueline Cosgrove, Executive Director & Child Safety Officer    


Jacqueline founded The Bardic Studio in 2011. She is passionate about access to all aspects of cinema for all Australians, particularly for children and people with disability. Through her experience as a writer, director and editor, Jacqueline is able to design industry-relevant opportunities for child filmmakers. Her extensive work in education includes curriculum design, gifted children, children with disability, children experiencing disadvantage, children in detention and children in mainstream classrooms. 


Jacqueline undertakes ongoing research into the nature and function of child film production, supports Australian teachers to develop their practice and lobbies for opportunities and recognition for child filmmakers. She is regularly invited to present curations of Australian child-produced films, participate in film festivals as a jury member, speak on panels and give seminars and workshops throughout Europe and Asia. Jacqueline is a graduate of the Australian Film, Television and Radio School.