All films submitted to the Sydney International Festival of Films by Children become part of the KidzFlicks Distribution Unit. This gives child filmmakers the opportunity to enjoy further screenings of their work. The activities undertaken by the Unit are:

1. Submission of Australian SIFFC submissions to international festivals of child produced films or festivals including child produced films.

2. Presentation of curations of Australian SIFFC submissions at international festivals.

3. Including SIFFC submissions in the exchanges SIFFC enjoys with other international festivals.

4. Screening SIFFC submissions as examples during workshops given by The Bardic Studio to teachers and children in Australia and around the world.

5. Including SIFFC submissions in programs we are asked to prepare for community events we feel are appropriate.

No fee is charged for any of these services.

Not all submissions find a life after the SIFFC screenings, however some films have been screened in multiple countries and received awards. The best place to find out about the KidzFlicks Distribution Unit's Activities is to like our Facebook page as that's where we share child filmmaker's achievements.

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The SIFFC network extends to the following countries and KidzFlicks Distribution is active in all of them.