Above the black and grey words ‘Wide Angle Film Festival’, 6 rays of pink and orange light radiate from the centre outwards.

WAFF Online

for Government and Private Organisations

In response to COVID-19, WAFF Online has launched and it’s free. WAFF Public and WAFF Children’s Public can now be shared with everyone in the community. WAFF Corporate can be shared with off-site, and onsite workers, to prepare fertile ground for culture change within organisations around disability.


The Public and Corporate Programs consist of award winning short films that reflect the lived experience of people with disability. The program is diverse culturally, diverse in the genre of films presented and in the experience of disability reflected. The Public Children’s Program includes films made by children with disability and films including children with disability.


It’s really simple. Just put your details into the e-poster we supply and send that, along with a link and password to the Program of your choice, and the access documents we provide, to the people you wish to invite to your online Festival.


The traditional versions of WAFF are still available and ready for the time when communities can gather together again. In this form WAFF works well as a stand alone event and equally well as part of a hub of events. 


We invite you to join the many  organisations across Australia to share the rich lived experience of people with disability and offer an event with a ground breaking suite of achievable access for your community.

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