Above the black and grey words ‘Wide Angle Film Festival’, 6 rays of pink and orange light radiate from the centre outwards.

for Community Screening

Wide Angle Film Festival is an annual festival that tours multiple programs nationally. The festival screens films that reflect the lived experience of people with disability.


The WAFF Public Program (60 minutes) includes professional, award winning, short films screening for adults with disability, their families and carers and the wider community. 


The WAFF Children’s Public Program (50 minutes) includes a fun program of short films made by children with disability, or with the participation of children with disability, and caters for children aged five to twelve years, their families, carers and the wider community.


WAFF programs screen with the following access:

Open Captions or Audio Description

Social Stories

Adjusted light and audio levels

Quiet space

An introduction inviting everyone to be themselves

Low tech communication boards 

Accessible toilets (unfortunately very few venues have adult change tables and hoists)

Access from public transport drop off points and disabled parking spaces

Clear corridors 

Wheel chair parking spaces

Communication stickers

Opportunity to reserve seating near doors

Pronoun stickers

Triggers lists 

Free access kits and phone support is provided for all screening partners who benefit from the opportunity to increase their organisation's capacity to provide access to this and future events for people living with disability.


Free marketing collateral is offered to all organisations screening the festival. This includes:

  • Trailer for each program 

  • Finished artwork for posters and invitations

  • Media release 

  • High-resolution image

  • Newsletter article

  • Social media posts

  • List of films

  • Festival fact sheet 

  • Information sheets 

  • Discussion questions


It's all free!


Click the link at the bottom of this page to go to the booking form. Once you've completed the booking form you'll receive an email with a link and password to access the pages where you can download the films and resources.


The films you download can be screened in any way you choose. This might be for a small group in a meeting room or library, for larger groups in a cultural centre or commercial cinema, or as part of a hub of other events. We support small and large screenings and welcome creative ways to share the films with communities.