Above the black and grey words ‘Wide Angle Film Festival’, 6 rays of pink and orange light radiate from the centre outwards.

for Primary Schools and Early Learning Centres

WAFF for Primary Schools trailer

Wide Angle Film Festival is an annual festival that tours multiple programs nationally. The festival screens films that reflect the lived experience of people with disability.


Schools WAFF is a collection of short child produced films that reflect the lived experience of children with disability. The films are offered as individual media files to enable teachers to select the best fit for their students and program. Teachers choose the number of films they screen and the order in which children experience them. The films provide the opportunity to explore access and inclusion for children within both the school and broader community. 

The films come with a suite of access including open captions, audio description, a social story and information about setting up a quiet space. All media files are flashing light free.

Resources for Primary Schools to extend the children's experience of the screenings include discussion questions and the opportunity for children to conduct an access audit of their classroom, school or community. If the teaching program permits, resources support additional activities that may be built on children's findings from their access audit.



The program for Early Learning Centres comprises a short film made by preschoolers that reflects the lived experience of a child with disability.

The film comes with a suite of access including open captions, Auslan windows, audio description, a social story and information about setting up a quiet space. All media files are flashing light free.

The resources that accompany the ELC program encourage young children to consider ways that children might be excluded from some activities if they lived with disability. This activity may be extended for children by asking them to identify barriers in their Centre for people living with disability. 


It's all free!


Click the link at the bottom of this page to go to the booking form. Once you've completed the booking form you'll receive an email with a link and password to access the page where you can download the films and resources.


The films you download can be screened in any way you choose. This might be for a small group of older children in a classroom, for several classes or rooms in a larger space, or you might wish to invite parents to enjoy the screening and activities with the children. The film or films may also work as an addition to another project or celebration in the school.